“It’s for fingers and ears, necks and wrists. It’s about love and vulnerability, balance and proportion. About light and dark, form and line. It’s shiny and matte, gold and silver and black. It’s whole and it’s empty. It’s about me, it’s about you. It’s for me and for you.”

Rachel Quinn's jewelry is a distinctive and creative line of contemporary fine jewelry designed and handmade by Rachel in her Los Angeles studio. Her work is an expression of her attraction to bold, playful forms and well-crafted, sculptural design. Now exclusively in Puerto Rico at our store!

  • Cupids Arrow Earrings

    Cupids Arrow Earrings

  • Gold Through the Heart Earrings Small

    Gold Through the Heart Earrings Small

  • RQ 7252 group

    RQ 7252 group

  • Large Bleeding Heart Pendantcopy

    Large Bleeding Heart Pendantcopy

  • Rachel Quinn Jewelry

    Rachel Quinn Jewelry

  • Storm Cloud Earrings

    Storm Cloud Earrings