LE SIBILLE is the outcome of three young women’s wish to recreate the spirit and essence of a typical Renaissance workshop. Micromosaic was invented in Rome in the second half of 1700s, and it flourished as an artistic handicraft from the late 1700s to the following century. CAMILLA BRONZINI, FRANCESCA NERI SERNERI and ANTONELLA PERUGINI have come together to carefully research and study the Ancient Goldsmith Art. Le Sibille have improved their knowledge about the small roman mosaic technique, a miniaturized 8th century enhancement of the ancient art form.

One of-a-kind jewels are created with this technique that combines the SIBILLE’s expertise.

  • Le Sibille Collection 01
  • Le Sibille Collection 02
  • Le Sibille Collection 03
  • Le Sibille Collection 04
  • Le Sibille Collection 05
  • Le Sibille Collection 06